This is SANE Australia:

What we do
SANE Australia is a national charity working for a better life for people affected by mental illness – through campaigning, education and research.

SANE conducts innovative programs and campaigns to improve the lives of people living with mental illness, their family and friends. It also operates a busy Helpline and website, which have thousands of contacts each year from around Australia.

Headed by Executive Director Barbara Hocking OAM, SANE is a leading independent NGO campaigning for the one in five Australians affected by mental illness every year. SANE relies exclusively on donations and grants to achieve its goals and receives no ongoing government funding so every dollar counts.

They have an interesting campaign called the Signs CampaignIt is supposed “to promote understanding of the early signs of mental illness, and highlights the importance of getting help for those affected.”  I took that quote from their website.

It’s rather creative, here are some of the “signs”

I actually like the play on the word “signs.”  I feel it’s an engaging way to address this issue and I like that it is a focus on others to pay attention, be aware and not telling people who need help that it is their responsibility to get it.  Kind of like this ad from a similar campaign with, what I believe are the same positive intentions: 

Don't be afraid to ask for help, you'll get it...apparently

Now the campaign that this ad is from has some other ads that don’t put the responsibility on the person who may need the help.  Empowering people to ask for help is important but I really appreciate the efforts of SANE Australia’s signs campaigns to encourage awareness of the signs of mental illness.
That said we could talk about the faces and images they use to represent depression, anxiety and so on.  But I’ll leave that for another time.

Check out this slideshow for other “signs”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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