More from BeyondBlue

BeyondBlue is the National Depression Initiative.

I used one of their signs that they use to advertise in a previous post.  This was the sign:

Don't be afraid to ask for help, you'll get it...apparently

It calls on those experiencing mental illness to speak up.  It states “Postnatal depression and anxiety.  It’s OK to ask for help.”  And you know what, it IS OK to ask for help and no, not everyone knows that.  But I compared this sign to a campaign from SANE Australia because it advocated for others to recognize the signs of mental illness.

Well BeyondBlue has other signs too.  Here are 3 they have regarding depression.  They are all men, perhaps to contrast the postnatal depression ad that features a woman…I don’t know…how much thought do you think went into these decisions?  These men are, in a way, describing their depression.  The woman is an ad focused on anxiety.

While somewhat awareness raising they are more like sob stories.  Look at how horrible these people look.  The one smile is from the woman who “Spoke Up” about her postnatal depression and anxiety.  I’m not saying the models should be smiling about depression and anxiety, the ones in the SANE signs campaign aren’t.  I am just curious about the different message being sent.  I honestly can’t name the different message yet but I’ve been thinking about it.

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