Bipolar Art

When I was looking for some kind of image to put on my last post I came across some interesting artwork.  I like putting images on blog posts because it draws readers in and it gives you something to look at when I post the blog on Facebook.  But while looking for an image related to Bipolar Disorder I came across this:

It really struck me.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps that the image is of a person who looks like a young child.  It could be the contrasting imagery, of course intentional due to the “dual” nature of Bipolar Disorder.  I find the image intense though not disturbing like some of the images that came up in the “Bipolar art” search category of google images. 

Case and point:


Wack Job

Facebook post regarding the airplane captain on JetBlue who had to be subdued.  Unfortunately when a person’s mental function is involved the assumption is not medical.  If we assume that it’s not medical then we can easily write such behavior off as weird personality flaws.  How should society deal with “wack jobs”?  It probably doesn’t matter since it isn’t a medical issue.  Calling it a medical issue gives these situations a certain degree of legitimacy and at the very least that may result in services.  

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